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10 wise quotes from Glen's autobiography.

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Commonground is a not-for-profit social enterprise that has been supporting social justice, environmental, disadvantaged and community groups since 1984.

10 wise quotes from Glen's autobiography.


We have compiled 10 wise quotes from Glen Ochre's autobiography, Child of the Earth. Glen co-founded Commonground Training Resources and the Groupwork Institute of Australia and became one of the world’s leading teachers of facilitation and collaborative process. 

"Our intention has been to develop structures and processes that facilitate the building of a different social order; a social experiment that will be of support and inspiration to others."

"We asked ourselves fundamental questions like: What would our ideal world look like? How do we create that world? What did we have to offer? This led us to our core question: Given our particular skills, what was our best contribution to the creation of a more just, nonviolent, non-patriarchal and sustainable world?"

"I feel we need firstly to look deep within ourselves. Inside ourselves we have our own Sacred Centre, our wisest self."

"I couldn’t be helpful in other people's healing if it wasn’t for all the healing I have had to do myself. I bring my own woundedness to my work as a counsellor and group worker."

"We see ourselves as part of the Earth and all it holds and this is so profoundly embedded in us that we would naturally behave in socially and environmentally responsible ways."

"People would often ask me how I continued without getting burnt out. I think it was because I was aware at some level that I was using the energy of the Earth and giving it back to the people I was working with."

"The tree is a powerful reminder of our connection to the Earth for me because it exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide with the Earth; it makes an essential contribution to the life of the planet. Trees serve as a good metaphor for my own and others’ woundedness. No matter how gnarled and bent by the events of its life, I’ve never seen a tree yet which didn’t look proud, that didn’t have pride in being there, fully itself."

"Good facilitators need to have a high level of capacity for compassion. They have to be able to love the people they are facilitating, even while they are doing things that may not be so helpful."

"Feminism is about a fundamental understanding that the structures and systems of mainstream society advantage men and disadvantage women." 

"As people look for better ways to collaborate effectively in all sorts of realms, I trust the accumulated wisdom we have collected can be of great practical service to them."

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign to publish Glen’s autobiography, you can get a copy of her book at: