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Commonground Blog

Commonground is a not-for-profit social enterprise that has been supporting social justice, environmental, disadvantaged and community groups since 1984.

A new governance structure for Commonground


In 2014, Commonground began a project to renovate its governance and operational structures. This process was driven by the need to open up the management of Commonground to the next generation, and to better reflect contemporary legal and social realities while also maintaining our ethos of collaborative decision making.

The first task was to convene new working groups, which work alongside the Commonground residents and Melbourne and Seymour management team to perform all the day to day operations of the organisation. The groups have responsibilities for managing and nurturing the community, the venue and property, and the outreach mission. We also formed the GIA Circle, which will help expand the impact of the Groupwork Institute. 

With hundreds of hours of work and discussion, and the support of several pro-bono lawyers, our new governance structure is now in place. Late last year, we achieved:

  •          the appointment of 16 new members to the incorporated association
  •          the adoption of a new Policy Manual and Rules of Association
  •          the appointment of the Commonground Council, our new Committee of Management

In the coming two years, the Commonground members and Council will develop a strategic plan to help guide us in collaboratively achieving our radical vision to build a just, nonviolent and sustainable world. If you would like to help us achieve our vision please be in contact. 

Aaron Hart

Commonground Councillor